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Green Barbarians–Ellen Sandbeck

A Buddha A Day–Ellen Sandbeck


Dear Ellen,

Question: I have .9 acres with alot of refuse like spring clean up debris, branches etc. I want to compost all of our food waste. Does you product work out doors all winter? If not do I take the barrel outside in Spring? Thanks

Paul, Brookfield, WI

Dear Paul,

Hi Paul, Our household size worm bins are unsuitable for winter use outdoors in cold climate areas, these bins are designed to be used indoors. However, if you have a very large amount of food waste, and perhaps some farm animal waste, so you can make very large compost piles that do not freeze all winter, you can put our worms in those outdoor piles. Our worms are surface feeders, and cannot dive deeply enough to go below frost line in the winter, so they normally freeze out. Ellen

Environmentally yours,



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