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Dear Ellen,

I've had my bin for about 5 months now, and everything's great EXCEPT that I am finally getting lots of worm juice and I can't put it on the garden this late in the season. I don't have that many houseplants, and my friends don't, either. How long does worm juice "keep"? I had some in a bottle that got partial sun, and now it's scummed over a bit - is it going to explode sometime Decemberish? Thanks.

Faye, Zumbrota, MN

Dear Faye,

I'm glad your bin is doing well!

Worm juice keeps quite well, and the scum doesn't do anything except be scum! Leave the cap off the bottle, then use the juice in the spring. Also, it doesn't hurt anything to pour excess worm juice on the lawn this time of year. The lawn will come up lusher in the spring.

I hope this helps!

Environmentally yours,



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