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Dear Ellen,

What type of mosquito repellent do you use? I want to use something that is organic.


Happy Summer!

Debra, Portland

Dear Debra,

We live in a heavily wooded area, so I tend to wear long sleeves and pants when it is really mosquitoey, and I have even been known to resort to a head net.

However, researchers Joel Coats and Chris Peterson discovered that catnip oil repels mosquitoes and is ten times more effective than DEET. Here are a couple of companies that make natural mosquito repellents that contain catnip oil: Mosquito Solutions and Living Earth Herbs

You can also order pure essential catnip oil and mix it in with olive oil or sesame oil in order to make your own repellent. Make a one percent solution of catnip oil by mixing one part catnip oil in with ninety-nine parts of the edible oil. Here is a good source for organic herbs and essential oils: Mountain Rose Herbs

Environmentally yours,



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