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Dear Ellen,

I just received my worms and starter kit from you yesterday, and set the worm bin up last night. Very exciting! I set the bin up in my basement, and then woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the dehumidifier. Do you have any experience with the effect of a dehumidifier on the worm bin? The dehumidifier is a staple in my basement in the summer, but I certainly don't want to dry out the worm bin!

Cheryl, St. Paul

Dear Cheryl,

I'm very glad you asked. I just received information from a customer a few weeks ago that she had killed all her worms by having a dehumidifier running next to her worm bin. I'm sure everything will be just fine as long as you keep the worm bin and the dehumidifier at different ends of the basement! (And never forget to put the black plastic sheeting back on top of the worm bedding! Happy composting!

Happy composting!

Environmentally yours,



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