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Dear Ellen,

I read in your book that for new bins only 1/2 cup of scraps is needed per day (book says, "at a time." I think that means "day"). Do you think that is enough for our big bin?

I have a hunch that you might have supplied more worms (2#) with the biggie than most folks start with.


Dear Steph,

Yes, the two pounds is more than most people supply with their bins, and yes, you can feed more than 1/2 cup of scraps per day, IF YOU CAN COMPLETELY BURY IT TWO INCHES DEEP IN THE WORM MATRIX!

You should always bury your food scraps completely, because if you leave any food out in the air, you will get fruit flies. A layer of leaves will definitely not prevent fruit flies, but burying food under a two-inch layer of finished worm compost, coffee grounds, or dampened peat moss will definitely keep fruit flies from hatching out of your banana peels and other fruit scraps.

Environmentally yours,



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