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Dear Ellen,

Help! I'm planting all kinds of annuals from the Friends' sale here in Saint Paul, and I have no idea how or if your worm juice could assist them in their seasonal journey. so far I've just used it on a couple of house plants.

I'd also like to know how to "juice up" the tomato bed -- once a week application, more often?

If all this information is currently on your site and I'm just not finding it, forgive me! If it's not on your iste, please consider putting it on an easy-to-find location for those of us who want to use your juice rather than make our own -- for now.

Kristine, Saint Paul, MN

Dear Kristine,

Most flowers are fond of worm juice. The only exceptions are flowers in the bean family, such as lupines, scarlet runner beans, and sweet peas which have nitrogen-fixing nodules on their roots, and do not flower well if given worm juice; and flowers such as nasturtiums that thrive in poor or sandy soil, will make very lush leaves but no flowers if given worm juice. Almost all plants that like to be fertilized will like worm juice!

Yes, tomatoes love worm juice! They are heavy feeders, so you can safely water them with worm juice at least once a week.

Happy Gardening!

Environmentally yours,



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