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Outdoor worm compost pile

Harvesting compost without removing worms

How long does worm juice keep?

Peat Moss with Fertilizer - Good or Bad?

How do I eliminate bugs when using leaves for bedding?

Catnip Oil is an Effective Mosquito Repellent

Dehumidifier and Worm Bins

How to Feed a Big Bin

Marigolds and Petunias Like Worm Juice

Most Flowers are Fond of Worm Juice!

Water in a Worm Box ... and Sewer-like Odor

How much worm juice do I use ....

Worm Juice as a Bioactivator?

Reasons for Wet, Sticky Compost, and Suggested Solutions

Worms Coming to Top of Sphagnum -- and Dying! Help!

Resurrecting a Pre-Owned Worm Bin

Itty Bitty White Bugs - And No Juice!

More about moth balls ...

What is an Alternative to Mothballs?

Natural Flea Control

Towels and Washcloths are Water Resistant. How can I remedy this?

Does White Vinegar Kill Bacteria?

Gardening With Young Children ...

Is there a simple, nontoxic way to kill the weeds . . .

Can I keep ants off my deck by putting cut up pieces of garlic in between the planks?

Buggy Fall Snapdragons? What Can I Do?

Is there a good nontoxic way to get rid of the hard mineral deposits in my toilet bowl?

How Would I Chuck a Woodchuck?

Mice nibbling shrubs?

Disinfect Kitchen Sponge? What's the best way?

What is the easiest way to wash the smell of raw garlic out of my hands?

Bunny Poop! Got your attention? Click here to find out what it's about!

Metal Garbage Can Smelling Bad?

Raspberry Patches and Yellow Jackets - HELP!

Clogged Drains? Do they really need chemicals?

Cleaning Ovens Can Be Done Without Chemicals

What do you use to clean out your sink after you wash off poultry?

No Need for Pesticides to Save Roses!

Bathroom Odors? Here's a non-toxic solution.

Enviromental Tips on Cleaning up at Thanksgiving

What Do I Do About Bats At The Lake House?


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